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Concrete Candle Vessel- Empty Candle Jars - 9 oz

Concrete Candle Vessel- Empty Candle Jars - 9 oz

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Our Concrete candle vessels are made with high-quality materials that create a long-lasting design piece. Perfect vessel for candle makers looking to include a unique spin to their brand. 

All Savvy Concrete Vessels are made to order with a minimum of $100 purchase, not including shipping. Choose from many colors, shapes, and unique designs.

For bulk order pricing and more information about custom orders, contact us at

  • Handcrafted Quality
  • Premium Ingredients
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Q: What is a concrete candle?

A: A concrete candle is a candle that is encased in concrete – and can be of a variety of weights and finishes. It's designed not just to look beautiful, but also to be safe.

Q: Is concrete OK for candles?

A: The concrete candle vessel is definitely a trend that's here to stay. But when it comes to its safety, concrete is actually an ideal material. It's heat-resistant and non-combustible, so concrete candles are much safer than wax candles. Plus, concrete vessels are breathable, allowing for even burning and a longer-lasting candle. So concrete definitely gets a thumbs up when it comes to safety! It's also a great

Q: Why concrete is a great option:

A: Concrete candles are incredibly durable and capable of withstanding high temperatures. This is great as it means concrete candle vessels won’t quickly melt or crack during use, making them safe for indoor and outdoor use.

On top of that, concrete is non-toxic and doesn’t release any harmful fumes or chemicals into the air. This makes concrete candles ideal for those with allergies and asthma, as concrete isn't known to irritate the skin or cause any respiratory problems.

So, concrete candles are definitely a great option when it comes to safety and durability.

Q: Can you reuse concrete candle vessels?

A: Yes, concrete candle vessels can be reused. It is best to allow the concrete to cool completely before attempting to handle it and then wiping it down with warm water and a soft cloth. This will ensure that the concrete is free of any debris or residue from the candle wax, making it safe to reuse.

Overall, concrete candle vessels offer a unique, stylish look and more importantly, a safe option for burning candles. So why not add concrete candles to your home today and enjoy the beauty and safety of concrete candle vessels? Happy burning!

Q: Why are my concrete candles cracking?

A: Concrete candle vessels can crack due to a variety of factors, such as high temperatures or sudden temperature changes. This is because concrete contracts and expands with changes in temperature. To prevent this, concrete candle vessels should not be exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time and should always be kept in a cool, dry environment. If you find that your concrete candles have cracked, it is best to discard them and replace them with a new concrete vessel.

Q: What do you use to seal concrete candles?

A: The best way to seal concrete candles is by using a concrete sealer. Concrete sealers will help protect concrete candle vessels from water damage, concrete staining, and concrete cracking. Concrete sealers can be applied with a brush or sprayer and should be reapplied every few months for maximum protection and longevity.

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